Stilling Tubes

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  • Stainless steel - diameters, 80mm, 100mm or 150mm as standard
  • Can be bent to any angle to improve instrumentation access from behind safety fencing
  • Top terminated options
  • Lockable sensor termination box (for vented pressure transmitters)
  • Flanged plate for simplicity
  • Hinged OTT top cap with pentagon wrench locking mechanism
  • Cable gland with conduit provision, 2 off intenal cable clip assemblies.
  • Stove enamelled in any BS/RAL colour- blending with surroundings.
  • Mild steel pads for welding to sheet piles with Stainless steel brackets for all applications.
  • Brackets are adjustable for offsetting from mounting surface or to accomodate irregular wall profiles.