Service & Repairs

Service and repairs

Full onsite installation service for new, reconditioned or ex-site machinery.

Service or repairs available either on an hour-by-hour basis or pro-active maintenance / service agreement supported by our in house experience of pneumatic, hydraulic also electrical systems fitted to various European machinery installed in sawmills, timber importers, joinery shops and education establishments.

Customised Control Panel solutions, incorporating P.L.C.  injection braking, supplied fitted on site or in-house.

Consumable spares available for the majority of machines, specialist components not readily available due to no longer produced, manufacturer ceased trading can in most cases be substituted or re-manufactured majority by our in-house engineering facility.

                            Multi Roller Fence           


Spares- products available   

  • Feedwheels – pulley scrapers – sawguides – lubrication pads.
  • Handwheels – ball/roller bearings – bearings units
  • Gravity rollers, Powered rollers, plain – spiral – fluted
  • Vee – flat drive belts also pulleys - conveyor belt / chain components
  • Transmission chains - chain wheels
  • Motors 1ph or 3ph – flanged or foot mounted
  • Gear motors - foot or shaft mounted
  • Pneumatic cylinders - valves-fittings -  tube
  • Hydraulic motor, pump, cylinder - valves
  • Extraction ductwork (galvanised steel or 304ss)


Reconditioned exchanged or manufactured to suit clients machine

  • Multi-roller fence
  • Radial arm assembly
  • Exchange pulleys (915 dia for 75 or 100mm saws)
  • Machine guards
  • Heavy duty timber support roller stands (dual roller available)

Forester 150

  • Elevation worm box c/w screw
  • Track plain - vee wheel assemblies


To find out more about our Servicing and Refurbishing services, please contact us