Environmental Monitoring Fabrications

Design Support, Consultation & Bespoke Fabrications for Hydrological, Hydrometric & Water Monitoring applications

Including: River Monitoring equipment, mounts and brackets, water level and flow.

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ADCP Mounting Brackets

Stilling Tubes

Ultrasonic Sensor Brackets

Stainless steel secure kiosks

Fabrications for miscellaneous hydrological and hydrometric applications


  • Octapent Storage Rain Guage Locking Clamps (to prevent emptying of rain gauges by third parties).
  • Shortening of Stainless steel Octapent Rain Guages where deployment on covered resevoirs or/location with insufficient depth.
  • Sample Bottle Deployment Cages.
  • Stainless steel Dip Point Markers and Survey Bench Marks.

Clients supplied

Enviromental Agency - various areas and regions

SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection agency)

Enviromental Agency - Wales

Hydro-Logic (Hydrological Consultancy)